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GiveALink Slider is an interesting online tagging game in which you must annotate webpages with related tags and choose new webpages. You can accumulate points and win badges by accomplishing tasks and building links with other players.

The online user study GiveALink Slider called "Social Annotations Through Game Play" (IRB study #1011003937, 03/10/2011-05/10/2011) has been ended. Thank you all for the support!

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Great Minds Think Alike is a word association game that lets users build semantic concept networks and explore similarity relations.

Players form a chain of semantically related words, which comes from the GiveALink knowledge base. Users can browse through nine different social media, e.g. Flickr and Youtube, and earn points.

Words are geo-tagged, which helps to analyze the geographical distribution of terms. Players can also connect with other players via Facebook as suggested by the game.

Data from the game is collected by to make the game more fun, support other social tagging applications, and for study purposes.

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